LibNeXT - Standalone X widget library

This is rather new. Yuri A. Pudgorodsky <>, a programmer at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (roughly equivalent to MIT in the United States) has implemented a standalone X widget library that will, among other things, help Paul Kunz's objcX project out of its dependency on Motif.

Here is some information and screen shots from Martin Michlmayr's website.

Some recent mail on the subject:

Date: Fri, 14 Jul 1995 22:55:02 +0300 (GMT+0300)
From: "Yuri A. Pudgorodsky" 

I have got very good news for you! ... I have just talked to Yuri A. Pudgorodsky, and found out that he will integrate objcX with the LibNeXT library next month, or so.

Some details want to be cleaned...

I really will made LibNeXT library available next month. However it will be a *standalone* X Widget library.

I also will provide patches to run most objcX classes with LibNeXT. Most but not all. May be some other volunteers will complete the integration. As I already realize it is not so easy to make objcX

NXBrowser be happy without Motif's MList. Also LibNeXT Matrix keeps tracking mouse, but I failed to incorporated it into objcX Matrix without making Matrix.m heavily depend on LibNeXT. And other little things...

I wish one day somebody will write a true X event handling code for objcX then the LibNeXT can be totally implemented on Objective C. Remember the discussion of what will happened if someone want to write a subclass of, for example, CustomView.

PS. I have never seen X look that good before ;-)

Thanks to NeXTSTEP and its clean API!