Contacts at Moscow State University


Prof. Stanislav Vladimirovich Klimenko <> is head of the Department of Visualization for Scientific Research. Stas is a physicist at the Institute of High Energy Physics in Protvino, and he founded the Russian Center of Computing for Physics and Technology.

Prof. Victor Petrovich Ivannikov <> is the Free Software Foundation contact for Russians who are contributing to the GNU project. Prof. Ivannikov is director of the Institute of Systems Programming and of the Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Department.

Victor Petrovich is chair and Stas is deputy chair of Systems Programming at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Prof. Sergei Kuznetsov <> is the chair of SUUG. Before 1992, SUUG was the Soviet Unix Users' Group; since 1992 it is the Society of Unix Users' Groups. Sergei was my Russian co-chair at the Moscow Free Software Conference in April 1993, where Richard Stallman came as the honored guest.