Contributors to the GNU Objective-C Project

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  • Jeremy Bettis
  • Peter Burka
  • Yoo C. Chung
  • Scott Christley
  • Adam Fedor, summary
  • Richard Frith-MacDonald, summary
  • Dennis Glatting, summary
  • Albin Jones
  • Geoffrey S. Knauth, summary
  • Paul Kunz
  • Mark Lakata
  • Andrew McCallum
  • Ovidiu Predescu
  • Richard M. Stallman, summary
  • Kersten Krab Thorup, summary
  • George Tuparev
  • A few notes about our contributors

    Adam Fedor is, oddly enough, not a programmer by trade, but an optical engineer. He originally learned Objective-C in order to have a more powerful vehicle for writing simulation and analysis software for designing computer-generated holograms. (now a free software package called the CGH Facility). Adam got involved helping write and debug Paul Kunz's free implementation of NeXT's AppKit. After the release of the OpenStep specification, this migrated to software work for what eventually became the GNUstep project. He's done more debugging work for GNUstep rather than actual coding, but his contributions include an implementation of the NSBundle class for dynamic loading of code, and associated minor changes to the GNU Objective-C runtime to support dynamic loading.

    Richard Frith-Macdonald is currently the lead developer of GNU Objective-C and GNUstep.

    Dennis Glatting wrote the original GNU Objective-C runtime that helped get this project off the ground in 1992.

    Geoffrey Knauth got together with Dennis Glatting, Charles Perkins, some friends from the BCS-NeXT users group and with other Objective-C supporters in 1992 to organize the beginning of the GNU Objective-C project with Richard Stallman's help. Currently, Geoffrey maintains this particular set of GNU Objective-C web pages and the gnu-objc mailing list. You can join the mailing list by sending a subscribe message to You should join the list if you plan to be an active contributor.

    Andrew McCallum created the original libobjects class library for GNU Objective-C. Since then, he's worked on libtclobjc, glue between TCL and ObjC, libguileobjc, glue between Guile and ObjC, and the GNUstep Base Library. He's the chief maintainer of GNUstep. Andrew is also interested in Distributed Objects implementations.

    Richard Stallman pioneered the free software movement by founding the Free Software Foundation and writing GNU Emacs and the GNU C Compiler (GCC). Richard wrote the second gnu-objc runtime, the one that followed Dennis Glatting's original version. Richard is the principal advisor to the GNU Objective-C Project, making sure that this project fits within the framework of goals for the GNU Project as a whole.

    Kresten Krab Thorup wrote the third gnu-objc runtime, the one we currently use.