Knauth Family Links
updated 6 January 2015


If you are a descendant of Franz Teodor Knauth (1803–1874), you should also visit the Huthsteiner website my cousin Ted Huthsteiner set up. The Knauth and Huthsteiner families were joined by the marriage of Teodor's granddaughter Charlotte Ursula Knauth to Louis Huthsteiner, Sr. in 1918. Ted has collected a number of Knauth pictures from the 19th and early 20th century.

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  • Alan R. Knauth
  • Alexander D. Knauth
  • Arnold W. Knauth II
  • Behri Pratt Knauth
  • Deanna Knauth
  • Geoffrey S. Knauth
  • Margaret S. Knauth
  • Percy Knauth
  • Knauths of Houston
  • William W. Knauth
  • Antonio Knauth (Brazil)
  • Denis Knauth (Brazil)
  • Heiko Knauth (Berlin/Dessau, Germany)
  • Tony Knauth (Darwin, Australia)
  • Werner Knauth (Idar-Oberstein, Germany)