The GNU Objective-C Project

Objective-C is a language that mixes the control structures of C with the dynamic binding of Smalltalk.

  • How To Find GNU Software from the Free Software Foundation.
  • Objective-C FAQ maintained by Steve Dekorte. NeXT's introduction to Object-Oriented Programming and Objective-C.
  • GNU Objective-C compiler and runtime history
  • GNU Objective-C Class Library (libobjects).
  • GNUStep project
  • LibNeXT (standalone X Widget library)
  • GNU Objective-C Contributors
  • Related Free Software

  • AfterStep, a patched fvwm that allows X to resemble NeXT's famed UI. No drag-and-drop inter-object intelligence or Services menu yet, but still nice, especially if you have a larger than 480x640 display.
  • objcX: free software except for its dependency on Motif
  • There is a mailing list for GNU Objective-C developments called To subscribe/unsubscribe to this mailing list, send mail to Please do so only if you plan to be active in developing GNU Objective-C. If you only have a passive interest, you are probably better served by browsing websites, such as this one.

    This website is maintained by Geoffrey S. Knauth. Thanks to Steve Dekorte for making the GNU Objective-C logo above.